Equipping the Actuaries of Tomorrow

LSESU Actuarial Society was founded with a strong initiative to promote understanding of this highly respectable yet unheard profession. As the only LSESU society that offers comprehensive analysis of current issues surrounding insurance, pensions and investment from an actuarial point of view, we have established ourselves in LSE with over 200 members.

We have organised talks to raise commercial awareness among members about pensions and insurance, exploring the way actuaries respond to challenges in this changing world with endless possibilities. There are various opportunities to ask seniors and alumni about their experiences working in actuarial placements and providing members advices about internships is also one of the great services the society can offer. We also prepared some social activities for the members which you definitely do not want to miss out.

We place a great emphasis on educating members about this profession and the latest actuarial issues by professional actuaries. We are committed to providing our members with memorable experiences and insights about Actuarial Science, one of the most rewarding careers, and equipping the actuaries of tomorrow.



LSESU society that offers comprehensive analysis of current issues from an actuarial point of view


students in LSE joined the LSESU Actuarial Society in 2016-2017


of the entire Actuarial Science cohort at the LSE joined us last year



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Corporate Relations

Our Corporate Relations manages relationships of our sponsors. We continuously pursue new opportunities for  collaboration, expanding  our network to allow for  greater outreach for our sponsors and students. Our role is to ensure the satisfaction of our sponsors and to address any concerns sponsors may have. We bridge the gap between the sponsors and the student body, analyzing feedback from events,  communicating them to the sponsors and proposing possible adjustments to tailor subsequent events to better suit the needs of both  parties.

Our Events Division is  dedicated to ensure  that our events go beyond the expectations of our sponsors’ firms and students. We regularly obtain feedback from our members so as to continually improve the  style of our events to  suit the needs of our  members. The division  works closely with  Corporate Relations to  make the society the  ideal medium for sponsors  to reach out to students  and for students to  recognize the vast  opportunities available in the  profession.


Our Marketing Division is responsible for  all publicity-related functions within the  society with the aim of  connecting our students  with our sponsors. We disseminate information through multiple social media and offline platforms to optimise the  effectiveness of our  strategies. Our priority is to facilitate the outreach  of our sponsors and to  constantly inform our  members of upcoming  events and opportunities provided by our sponsors.



From left to right: Shu Qi Lim, Yu Jie Tai, Kai Ming Chung, Jia Han Chuck, Wei Jian Yeoh, Adeline Chuah, Yee Shann Lau

President: Jia Han Chuck

Vice President: Wei Jian Yeoh


Corporate Relations Director: Kai Ming Chung

Events Director: Yee Shann Lau


Marketing Director: Yu Jie Tai


Secretary: Adeline Chuah

Treasurer: Shu Qi Lim

Executive Committee 


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