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LSE Actuarial Conference 2021






20 March 2021


Event Description

Our annual flagship event, the LSE Actuarial Conference, is back once again for the 8th year running! Following the success last year, the largest student-run actuarial conference in the United Kingdom will be held virtually for the second year straight.

With the theme “Stepping into tomorrow”, the conference aims to raise commercial awareness amongst participants about the gradual digitalisation of the actuarial profession and the progress we have had so far, with a special focus on insuring driverless cars; while at the same time educating our global audience regarding potential roles in non-traditional fields and how to excel in these roles ultimately.

This year we are switching up the format of the conference by having a series of 4 speaker sessions on the most in demand topics, which are listed below:

Session 1: Insurtech and Digitalisation of the Insurance Industry
Session 2: Actuaries on the Go: A Glimpse into Finance
Session 3: Laying the First Steps of Your Actuarial Career
Session 4: Insuring A Driverless Car

Participants will get to choose between attending each of the sessions at their own interest. We welcome all students or working professionals around the globe who have a keen interest in an actuarial career.

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