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An Introduction to: Lane Clark & Peacock






18 October 2016

17:30 - 19:00

Event Description

We are very delighted to invite 3 speakers from Lane Clark & Peacock (LCP) to give an insight on the work LCP does, what it’s like to work here, information on summer internships, graduate opportunities and many more!

Speakers are as follows:
a) Sean Garratt: A consultant in Pension Actuarial
b) Liam Steel: A consultant in General Insurance
c) Hannah Gray: An analyst in Business Analytics

“LCP is an independent firm and has over 60 years' experience in financial, actuarial and business consulting. We specialise in the areas of pensions, investment, insurance and business analytics. LCP is one of the first actuarial firms accredited under the Quality Assurance Scheme, awarded by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.”

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