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Global cyber security centre launched

The world’s first global platform for collaboration between businesses, governments and law enforcement agencies on cyber security was launched at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The Global Centre for Cybersecurity, based in Geneva, Switzerland will function as an autonomous organisation, allowing for information exchange, and the setting of international standards to counter digital crime.

The centre intends to establish an independent library of cyber best practices and work towards an agile regulatory framework, while also acting as an early-warning think tank for future cyber security scenarios.

Cyber breaches recorded by businesses are on the rise. In the last five years, these have almost doubled to an average of 130 breaches per business in 2017.

The statement added that new technologies like artificial intelligence, the internet of things and robotics and their application in sensitive areas such as finance, healthcare, telecommunications and mobility make it all the more important to keep up with the increasing speed and sophistication of cyber-attacks.

According to Kim Koro, Senior Vice-President, Qualcomm Technologies, the global centre will be an excellent opportunity to safeguard verticals like automotive and health care where wireless connectivity is the key. We also need actionable insights as we enter the world of 5G connectivity.

The centre will focus on the following aims:

  • Consolidating existing cybersecurity initiatives of the World Economic Forum;

  • Establishing an independent library of cyber best practices;

  • Helping partners to enhance knowledge on cybersecurity;

  • Working towards an appropriate and agile regulatory framework on cybersecurity;

  • Serving as a laboratory and early-warning think tank for future cybersecurity scenarios.


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