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The LSE Actuarial Conference

LSE Actuarial Conference is the largest student-run actuarial conference in the United Kingdom. Each year, our conference convenes the brightest students from leading universities in the UK and distinguished professionals to deliberate the latest trends, issues and ideas in insurance, finance, technology, and other actuarial related fields, providing an unique opportunity for students to hear from corporations, career professionals and expert opinions in a niche area of interest. 


Our past Actuarial Conferences have called on delegates from established universities such as LSE, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, King’s College, CASS Business School, City University, University of Warwick, University of Kent, and all the way to University of Edinburgh. Last year, with the conference being held virtually, we managed to widen our reach to 50 universities across the world with students attending from countries such as India, US, Malaysia, Australia etc. 


For the 8th year running, this year’s conference aims to raise commercial awareness among members about the gradual digitalisation of the actuarial profession and the progress we have had so far, at the same time educating our global audience regarding potential roles in non-traditional fields and how to excel in these roles ultimately.


Just like the previous conference, we plan to once again open our registrations to all students or working professionals around the globe who have a keen interest in an actuarial career. So if that’s you, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity by registering now! 

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